Seriously…It's been more than a month??

I really thought I had updated recently, but apparently it was only in my dreams… Life has just been absolutely crazy around here. BUT. It is a new year. The boys are going back to school on Tuesday. The holidays are over. Maybe I can get caught up. I do have a couple of pictures to hold you over until I can work through the mess that is my Photos folder on this laptop…

The boys watching Santa on NORAD…

The boys in front of the tree…

All of us in front of the tree…

We always take a crazy picture after the ‘real’ picture…

The boys at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning…

Santa is a ROCK STAR! He brought the boys Guitar Hero World Tour…

The boys and their presents…

7 thoughts on “Seriously…It's been more than a month??

  1. Wow!!!
    Can you believe it’s been a month since we were there with you? These are great photos of everyone.
    We miss you all.
    Love always,
    Dad & Kelly

  2. There is no denying Tyler is your boy! And the ROCK pic is great. I would like a copy. Madison got a kick out of it. Glad you finally updated. We miss you guys and love you bunches!

    Let’s get started on planning that trip in 2011 (maybe then I will actually get to see you)! 🙂 Promise to try to make it before then.

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