He's 6 now!

But he wants to be 6 and a half. He keeps asking if he’s six and a half yet. hahaha

So…I’m just trying to get caught up here… On January 1st, Benji celebrated his sixth birthday. I can’t believe my ‘baby’ is six.

He wanted a cake with pink icing. I did my best…


After we sang the song, and Wade took off the candles, Benji was being silly and pretending to lick the cake. Quite a jokester, that one…


And because it is an all Benji post today… This is one of my favorite pictures of Benji from Grandma and Grandpa’s visit. We drove up to Estes Park the day after Christmas and they visited the Estes Park museum while I worked a photo shoot. They apparently had a great 60’s display and the boys had fun dressing up. Benji put on a beret and posed in front of this poster of John Lennon…


I’ll have to post some more of Grandpa’s pictures from this day. There were quite a few that had me **cracking up**! I promise to share soon.

12 thoughts on “He's 6 now!

  1. That sounds exactly like a youngest child I am familiar with… The day after her fourth birthday, she said, “How old am I now, Mommy? Five?” I said, “No,Sweetie, you’re still four.” That didn’t sit well with her, though, and she kept asking until I said, “I don’t know– four plus?”

    She was “four plus” for an entire year.

    Happy day to the B-man!

  2. OMG, there is NO way your baby is 6!!!!!! He is adorable and as I have always said looks sooo much like his Mama! Love the pink cake too, Dylan’s favorite color was pink for a long time…now he has changed it to orange LOL!

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