In just 23 days, Poppy and Kiki will be here. They are visiting for Thanksgiving. Why am I so excited? This will be thier first visit to Colorado! Wade and I have lived here for 11 years, and we are finally getting them out here to visit. I’m excited. Wade is excited. The boys are more than excited. And I know that Poppy and Kiki are excited too. Wade and I have made an informal list (it will probably become more formal as the date approches) of things that need to be done before they arrive. On the list to do today was cleaning the china. We’ve had some of our china displayed on top of our cabinets for about three years. We’ve only taken it down to clean it once…about two years ago. Yeah. I don’t even have to go into how dusty those plates were. We spent the day washing and drying, and now they are all sparkly clean. We decided not to put them back on top of the cabinets, though. I’m actually going to *use* my china this holiday season!

Washing my china today, I realized how much I really love my china pattern. I picked it almost 12 years ago and I still think it is so beautiful. Simple. Understated. Beautiful. I had to make my photo for the day all about my china…

See you all tomorrow!

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