a new picture of the boys.

I tried to get a picture of the boys for grandma and grandpa. They were only interested in being silly. This was the best shot…

man…they need haircuts.

I also got a new toy today! My Making Memories Slice die cutting tool arrived today. I won it at CHA winter back in February.

I’ve already gotten it out and cut some shapes for the boys. Unbelievably easy to use. Gotta get my brain going on a fun project idea for this weekend….

3 thoughts on “a new picture of the boys.

  1. Thanks for the silly, hairy shot. They are still cute!
    Send us another after haircuts – then we’ll have “Before and After” pictures.

    We went to Universal Studios yesterday.
    I commented to Grandma that I sure was glad the boys were not with us. 😉 At the end of every ride, you were exited through that ride’s “Theme Store.” All I could think of was “shades of meltdown at Reptile Gardens, South Dakota!”

    I can see how kids would need to be oriented and “pre-programmed” before ever entering one of these mega theme parks.

  2. Great to see you today and play with your new Slice. So fun. My neighbor asked me all about it when I got home. What did I like better, my cricut or the slice? What are the advantages for both. We had a nice discussion and decided that we liked both! 😉


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