I got a new book.

My sweet friend Christyn suggested “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron to help me on my journey to better mental well being. I decided to get “the complete” Artist’s Way which includes the original book and the two subsequent books that the author wrote on the same topic. I also decided to get the workbook. I am hoping that it will help me to actually do the exercises included in the book. So, for this reason, I am keeping it short tonight. I am going to get in bed early and start reading. Good night everyone!

4 thoughts on “I got a new book.

  1. ok, i just finished her book “the sound of paper.” it’s a little touchy feely and dramatic, but i found some very good stuff in it. i’m sure it’s similar to this book you’re talking about. just keep reading. i think you’ll like it. i did think of you when i was reading it.

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