New outdoor mall = new summer play place

Benji and I went this morning to check out the new Orchard Town Center mall. It’s a new outdoor mall that had a grand opening this morning. We were actually going to get a free $20 gift card, but the line was too long and too slow moving for us to get Avery from school on time. So we decided to check out their play area. Benji thought it was way cool! There was the ‘soft’ play area that I got pictures of, and there was a water fountain area that is on ground level that will be great in the summer for cooling off. (Sadly, I did not get pics of the fountain because my camera ran out of batteries.)

First a pic of Benji when we were standing in line…I wish I could bottle the blue in his eyes…

The mall is called The Orchard, so the play area is vines and apples. This little worm is so cool! It’s a mosaic…shout out to Ducky!

The Benji boy on a green apple.

A couple of Benji climbing the vines…

I know I’m blogging early…there is much TV to watch tonight. And I’m trying to be good and get in bed before 11pm. Have a wonderful evening all!

9 thoughts on “New outdoor mall = new summer play place

  1. Really neat pics! Thanks for sharing.

    We’ll have to go visit this new place next time we’re in your ‘hood.

    Where is it located in relation to your home?

  2. is this the mall at 144th x I-25 or so? one of my “mosaic students” (shall we say), did a big mosaic on a wall for pay, it looks like a tree with birds and animals on it. I got to visit it with her before they opened. it was still a hard hat zone, she went into the construction trailer and got me a pink hard hat to wear 🙂

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