My feet hurt.

I need a new pair of Jazzercise shoes. But shopping for cross trainers is just not as fun as shopping for cute springtime shoes. I *really* want to go out and get me some pink flowery sandal-y things. *sigh* Maybe for mother’s day…

((I’m really trying to blog here, but Wade is playing Hit Me With Your Best Shot on hard on Guitar Hero and I am completely mesmerized…. ))

Ok, so I am still working on some stuff to submit. Currently working on a little mini-album…should be totally cute. So, since I cannot share *my* art, I thought I would share Benji’s. We came home from taking the boys to school and he immediately grabbed some markers and paper and started drawing me some pictures. It’s so nice that he can entertain himself while I get my chores done. *smile*

Here is the artist at work…

The artist putting the cap back on his marker. *wink*

The artist’s work on display in our gallery (a.k.a. the kitchen)…

He’s in a flower phase. *wink* I think he’s as anxious for spring as I am.

3 thoughts on “My feet hurt.

  1. and this is how other great artists began their training too! LOVE the flower one – i need some of those drawings to put all around the house. i SWEAR i’m being punished since my tulips (not for long) haven’t made their debut – pout! hugs, rach

  2. Tell Benji his Aunt Holly would like one of his famous flower pics for her kitchen. Maybe you can take him to the post office to mail it to me! The post office is Madison’s new favorite place. She thinks any building with a flag in front of it is a Post Office. 🙂

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