We went to the skating rink today…

holy cow! Those boys move fast! *wink* I took my new camera (which, by the way, Wade informed me is not pink…it is silver. Why does it look like it has a pink tint to me? hmmmm… ). It has a huge shutter lag compared to my ‘big’ camera. It really isn’t *that* bad, but when you are used to instantaneous, it feels like an eternity. Oh well. I knew I wasn’t going to get award winning photos at the skating rink. haha

Tyler skating by…


I couldn’t catch Avery looking at me…


Benji sticks close to the wall…


Logan and his new toothless grin. He lost the second of his two front teeth today at lunch.


And here are three of the four hoodlums. *wink* It’s kind of hard to look tough when you are wearing rental skates. (by the way, he is giving the ‘rock on’ sign… we’re not really raising hoodlums. *wink*)


Good night all!

3 thoughts on “We went to the skating rink today…

  1. Wow, I really want to go skating now. It looks like you had a lot of fun with the boys today! You really do such a great job making their spring break fun. Yep, definately nominating you for Fun Mom of the Year!

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