I have a new obsession.

I really wish I had finished my Lego Star Wars game….but I haven’t. The boys tempted me into starting a Super Mario Galaxy game. I really didn’t want to do it…but they made me! *wink* Now I have a new obsession. *sigh*

I did manage to get a layout done today for Mary Kay’s store. Totally weird, but I actually like this paisley paper! Whatcha think, MK??


6 thoughts on “I have a new obsession.

  1. This is a beautiful layout. I wish I had that much creativity. I need to keep sending you pictures of my kids and let you keep track of the scrapbooking. 🙂

    Love you,
    Your favorite Sister!

  2. LOVE the layout heather!!! i just challenged myself with that line today. your roses are so beautiful. i’m now looking for flower photos for an upcoming class – gulp! hugs and have a great week, rach

  3. I love it! I knew you were the woman for the job when I saw that paisley. And it’s a perfect sample to help customers visualize what to do with a…um…challenging piece of paper.

    You rock!

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