It was chilly today.

Welcome to Spring in Colorado. I was sitting at breakfast this morning, looking out the window, and the sky was spitting snow. It was just a little, but it was enough to make the air wet. Add that to 40 degree temps and it was pretty cold. I invited my friend Houston over to be scrappy and she brought her little guy over to play with the boys. They had a great time playing legos, kicking the soccer ball around outside, and having pizza for lunch. I must have tired myself out taking pictures yesterday…I didn’t take any today. And I’m not sure why I’m so tired, but I know I need to head to bed soon. *yawn* I’ll leave you with a pic I took a few days ago of my favorite shoes. I thought I would never own any “croc-like” shoes…who knew….


6 thoughts on “It was chilly today.

  1. Cute shoes, as always! We had so much fun hanging out with you and the boys, thanks for having us over! I am totally lifting your chore cards this weekend, you are always full of good ideas!

  2. I have so many shots of my feet like this! but not really on purpose. sometimes my camera’s light sensor doesn’t work so I reset it by taking a photo of the ground. as a result I have soooo many photos of my feet. then I thought this is cool I’m going to document my feet in many places. so I did that for a while. then I was really sick for a few months and was running to bathrooms all over the greater metro denver area so I have a million cell phone photos of my feet in bathrooms. then I realized I was getting ridiculous and I should figure out something better to photograph.

    but ANYWAY I digress 🙂 cute shoes!

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