Uneventful first day of Spring Break.

We did chores. The boys played outside with Logan. We had lunch. We played Wii. We went to Sams. We watched a movie. woohoo.

I did finally finish a layout that I started a bit ago. I was waiting for the journaling from my sister. (Hi, Holly!) I wanted to put her words with this picture of her and Madison.


(If you can’t read it…. Journaling: No one can make me laugh like you. Your silly faces. They can brighten any day, any moment. In your eyes I see a future of hope and happiness. You are bright, bubbly, and beautiful.)

With that, I’m out for the night!

3 thoughts on “Uneventful first day of Spring Break.

  1. Sounds like it was a pretty good day! I am so happy for you that you got to get into your clean room and play! Happy 2nd Day of Spring Break!

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