Sidewalk chalk drawings.

That’s what amused the boys today.

Here is Benji drawing his ladybugs…


Avery drew a yellow ladybug…


Tyler likes to mix his colors up… the sun was crazy bright, though…not a great pic. sad.


Logan drew a football field. Complete with players!


The whole gang…


I took these mugshots for my mom. She wanted some pics for a frame for her fridge. I’m just now getting around to taking some to send her. (Mom, look for these in the mail soon!)


And I had to share this layout with you. I made this one for Mary Kay’s store.


how did it get to be 11pm already?? whaaaaaaa!

5 thoughts on “Sidewalk chalk drawings.

  1. Wow, your really do take such amazing photos! Love that layout, it makes me smile everytime I see it! Hope you have a great time at the z…o…o!

  2. Loved the lo! I was there on Saturday and saw it. So cute! Sorry I missed you on Friday. I was there earlier with the pups. I guess that is a good thing if your hubby is not wanting one. It’s hard to say no when they are climbing on you giving you kisses!!!

    The shots of the boys are awesome!

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