Eleven days and going strong.

I had a long post all thought up in my head, but I am too tired tonight to go into it. It will have to wait for another night…

Benji is getting a special treat tomorrow. Our friend Robin is going with her son Logan to his field trip to see Horton Hears a Who at the movie theater. She invited Benji to go along. He is going to be so excited! (He loves Miss Robin.) So, you ask, what am I going to do with my childless morning?? Go to Jazzercise of course! *wink* I’m so predictable.

I almost feel like I’m cheating with my creativity goal today. I did cut some pictures for a call that I want to submit to, but then it was time to go to class and I didn’t get any further. I *did* work for quite a while today on my new business cards. I thought I would put it out there for you all to see and give me critique before I order. Please tell me honestly….Tell me if there is anything you would change, anything you would add or take away. I can take it. I have my big girl panties on. heehee


Thanks in advance for all your thoughts on this! I’m off to try to be asleep before 11.

6 thoughts on “Eleven days and going strong.

  1. oh goody, you get to enjoy jazzercise for YOU – awesome heather!!! have wanted to discuss this with you, i’m just too worried that i’m too jiggly – seriously, i can’t control my backend – hee, hee. and you KNOW what happens when i laugh too hard (snort!) – that’s exercise it itself!

    LOVE the biz card! okay, so the big girl panties are on: i think it would be great to showcase your AMAZING photos at full as in the whole card so your work is the main focus. maybe one on the front as the main one and the others in block groupings on the back. you could then do your logo in a font that is blown up where the photo shows through the font, does that make sense? like a cutout font? oy, i don’t think i’m “slaining” it well.

    that’s my FAV family portrait of all of you but WHERE is your tiara sister friend??!!

    hugs and happy weekend, rach

  2. hey you crazy jazzercise freak! 🙂 (i say as i’m shoveling chocolate fudge ice cream in my mouth!)

    i love the card, especially the cloud background. Here’s my one critique: Even though i am the Queen of Tilting, i’m thinking it might look more graphically balanced if the photos were straight and lined up (kinda like a negative strip)…just a thought. you might even be able to get one more on there that way. oh but then again i might just be on a sugar high here and making no sense. 😛

    have a good friday! burn some extra calories for me!

  3. Hey girl work of some extra calories for me:) I like the card but agree with both Rach and Lisa, I think that using one photo as the main focus would be awesome, if you really want to use three then lining them up would look best! HTH

  4. Well, I must be crazy……I think the card is awesome just the way it is. I kind of like the “tilt” look. And I love the clouds! You do great work!! So happy that you are blogging again! Hope all is well with you all.
    Love ya, Paulette

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