Avery was sick tonight

Poor thing. We had planned to go to a movie night at our friend’s school. The movie was Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. Just after Wade got home, Avery came in from playing saying that he needed to puke. Of course I sent him upstairs to the bathroom, where he promptly got sick. He was so sad. No fever to speak of (99.1), just an upset tummy. We bundled him up on the couch. I went out and got the movie at the Redbox. Wade stayed home with Avery, and I took the other two to see the movie at the school. When I got home, he was snug in his bed and sleeping. I hope he sleeps through the night and feels better in the morning. It’s no fun to be sick on the weekend.

I wanted to thank those of you who commented on my business card from yesterday! I didn’t get to work on it today, but I am going to take all of the comments and rework a bit and see what I come up with! I’ll be sure to repost and get more feedback.

Even though we were totally busy today, I managed to do all my chores, be a little bit creative, and blog. *wink* Sorry about the picture-less post, though. I’ll try to remedy that tomorrow.

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