How much I love exercise.

I’ve made a deal with myself. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, if I get my chores (minus laundry) done before 8:30am, I get to go to Jazzercise. Not to teach, just to go and be a student. Jazzercise is my reward. Jazzercise is fun for me. Jazzercise is good for me. For my physical health and my mental health. (Plus it lets me have a little bowl of ice cream every once in a while without so much guilt.) I love it!!!

Ok, so I have to confess….I forgot my friend Vivian’s birthday. I feel like such a bad friend. Luckily, she’s still speaking to me (and all of the other girls in our group who also forgot) and we are going out to dinner to celebrate on Saturday. As I was thinking about being creative today, I pulled out another Christmas photo and some flocked tags that Vivian gave me a little while back. I decided I wanted to pay homage to my friend and inspiration. I found THIS LAYOUT of Vivian’s and decided I was going to scraplift her. (For those not versed in scrap speak, scraplifting is when you find an inspiration piece and use it as a jumping off point for your page. In this case, I used Viv’s design and my own paper and embellishment choices.) The red and white pieces under the picture are the tags (all cut up and pieced back together) that Viv gave me. Thanks, Viv, for everything!


Off to watch the TOP CHEF premier!

3 thoughts on “How much I love exercise.

  1. what a FABULOUS lift of viv’s heather. the colors are so vibrant and bursting with love – just like viv – a perfect homage to a great friend! hope you have a nice dinner out on saturday (eat fancy food for viv). must have missed that memo – pout!

    OH darn, i want to watch top chef, thanks for the reminder. i don’t watch television but top chef is something i might cave for every now and then – hee, hee!

    hugs, rach

  2. Wow, really you like it that much, I’ll have to try it, I DO NOT like to excercise, maybe I will like Jazzercise, when do you teach? Never mind I would hate to make a fool of myself in front of you, I am…well…not very coordinated:)

    Moving on, that layout is great, it pays great tribute to Viv. I hope you all have a wonderful time at dinner!

  3. Love that– I looked for an image and can’t find one, but Viv scrapped a VERY similar picture of my kids. It’s called “Anticipation.”

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