In a mood.

And not a good one…

I was going to take the boys to the park today. It was beautiful outside. I was going to take my camera and have some awesome pictures to show you all. And then I picked Tyler up from school. He got another red check. This time for not staying on task and being out of his seat too much. I told him earlier this week that red checks will mean two days of grounding from now on. And that is what is happening at our house right now. So….the fun that we would have had today and tomorrow (no school/teacher workday) is out of the question. *sigh* It is so sad that when he gets punished, we all get punished.

I’m going to bed early tonight. Two hours earlier than last night anyway…

HOF countdown….8 days. Can I just sleep until next Friday?

2 thoughts on “In a mood.

  1. It stinks that you have to stay home. Maybe you can still get some good pictures!

    You know with the low number of entries this year you just have better odds to be getting a phonecall next week. Just beware I’m not going to let you rest after I know the calls have started. 🙂

  2. (((hugs))) – I hate it when one of my girls is grounded for exactly the same reason!!

    Okay, I’m taking baby steps here on the cleaning thing – my FIL is here for the weekend, so I had to pretty much clean the whole house. This would probably be a good time to institute your system. :p Care to share your categories/schedules with me??? 😀

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