So….Steph asked the question, and I thought I would clarify. *wink*

Do I *enjoy* cleaning….?? No. There are too many things in this world that I would rather do. Am I obsessive about cleaning….?? No. I will never be one of those ladies that vacuum obsessively when someone leaves footprints on their fresh vacuum tracks. Do I enjoy living in my clean house. YES!!!! *That* is the part I LOVE. While I will never *like* to clean, I think that the feeling of pride and accomplishment that I get when it is done is enough to keep me doing it. It’s been over four weeks now. “They” say that if you can do something for three weeks it becomes a habit. I think I have a new habit!

HOF countdown….9 days. Good grief…we’re in single digits!

3 thoughts on “Cleaning=Fun??

  1. Heather,
    It’s not just the feeling of pride & accomplishment, it’s also about the “3 second rule”.
    If Paw-Paw dropped some food on the kitchen floor and it wasn’t there more than “3 seconds”, it was okay to pick it up and eat it.
    NOTE: But then it WAS “Grandmommie’s” kitchen floor.
    My feelings on the subject:
    “Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy”
    I love you!

  2. ROFL!!!! Okay, I can totally see that living in a clean house would make me happy. That much I totally get! And I think I would feel so much less guilt about my computer and scrapping time with a clean house. It’s the whole my-3-little-kids-are-gonna-mess-it-all-up-within-5-minutes-thing that gets me. :p

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