Blogging enemy #1

I think my Dyson has literally sucked all of the blogging life out of me. ugh.

On a comical note…I have become one with my Dyson. Why is that funny?? Because a little over a month ago I was still claiming that I didn’t vacuum (or dust, or clean bathrooms….) and that Wade was really wonderful at doing those things for me. And now, thanks to my chore cards, all of those claims are null and void. I actually showed Wade a trick or two he didn’t know about the Dyson. I am sure that he was totally impressed. LOL!

The other thing that is sucking the life out of me is the wait for the Hall of Fame calls to go out. In about a week and a half I will either be celebrating, or drowning my sorrows. The up side is if I don’t get the call, you all get to see all of the layouts immediately! I’ve been itching to share them!! (Are you all bored with me and all of this HOF talk, yet???)

Ok…if you are keeping track….HOF countdown…11 days…..*sigh*

3 thoughts on “Blogging enemy #1

  1. Oh sweetie – good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, seriously, do you really like cleaning now? ‘Cause I just don’t think I would. I’m totally impressed, but I just can’t imagine. :p

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