Today's word…exhaustion.

I am completely exhausted. BUT…I promised a post with pictures tonight. And I am a little scared that Amanda really will come hunt me down. *wink*

So, yesterday…I am sitting at the computer working on whatever it was that I was working on, and I look out my door into Benji’s bedroom and see this…

This is literally the view from my computer chair. And it is a picture of Avery reading an I Spy book to Benji. Avery is an exceptional reader, and almost every day I can find him reading a book to Benji while I take care of chores or e-mails or take a little time to scrap. It makes me get all teary eyed *every* time. Yesterday I decided to document it. I took my camera a little closer and started snapping away. Luckily they didn’t scatter like they usually do. I think they were having too much fun “spying” things in the book. Here are a few of my favorites…

For so many reasons, these are *not* the best photos that I will ever take. For so many other reasons, these *are* some of the best photos I will ever take.

HOF countdown….17 more days….or less.

6 thoughts on “Today's word…exhaustion.

  1. Your boys are good boys. You should be proud.

    The pictures I love the most arne’t necessarily the most techinically correct but they evoke an emotion or a moment that I never want to forget. To me those are the perfect picutes.

  2. Heather,
    I agree,and these are some of those little moments caught in time that don’t require a camera to capture the memory that lasts forever in your heart.
    (I know, I sound like I write for HALLMARK cards)
    Obviously, your concerns regarding parenting skills are unwarranted. It is evident you and Wade are doing something very right. It reminds me of you at that age and your interest in reading. Do you remember being taken out of your class to read to another class?
    Give eveyone our love,
    Love, always-

  3. Heather,

    These are indeed some of the best shots you will
    ever take. Always keep an eye and a camera out
    for those moments when the boys “think” you are preoccupied with doing something else. 😉


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