A day behind.

I was feeling down in the dumps last night and actually spent the whole evening on the couch curled up in a blanket watching the worst trash TV. I’m feeling better today, though.

I’m continuing my ‘introduce yourself’ week in the photography challenge. Yesterday I took a picture of my new camera bag. I LOVE my camera bag. Wade got it for me for Christmas. Have I mentioned lately what a great guy he is?? heehee Anyway, this is a Crumpler bag. Their website is a little ‘out there,’ and it makes me laugh. I love a company that can have a sense of humor. The bag itself is so well made. Padded all the way through so my camera pieces don’t bang against each other. I can fit my camera body with lens (either the big or small), another lens, my flash, and my diffuser and there is still more room in this puppy. And the outside is red…this alone makes me a happy girl.

One thought on “A day behind.

  1. I’ll be going on a quest very shortly to find the perfect bag to carry my camera in, that has an over the shoulder strap, and doesn’t look too much like a camera bag. I need the perfect thing for Europe. If I don’t find the bag soon, I might just order one of DD because I do like then.

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