More about me.

But first to update you on Benji’s first day of “big boy” preschool. He LOVED it! Miss Cathy said that he fit right in. And that he didn’t cling to Avery. I knew that wouldn’t happen anyway. Benji is so independent. He and Avery play really well together at home, but when they are out, they branch out and find their own friends. It’s nice.

As for me, I got two uninterrupted hours in the gym. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh. My muscles are screaming, but my mind is nice and clear. Getting back into the gym routine always makes me happy. My photo of the day for the 9th is my ‘uniform.’ My Jazzercise attire. I am now teaching three days a week. Also good for my mental status. My classes are going well and I am still enjoying myself after three years as an instructor.

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