Back to 'normal'

Mmmmmhmmmm….you know why ‘normal’ is in quotes. heehee

Tyler went back to school today. Swim lessons started again today. Preschool starts again tomorrow. It is officially not the holidays anymore. I’m a little glad. I thrive on routine, and I think the boys are happier when they have a routine, too.

Big news for Benji! He gets to move up to the 4-5 year old class tomorrow! He will be joining Avery for the remainder of this year. It will be interesting to see how he handles it. I will give a full update tomorrow.

I am going to try something new with my photo of the day. On the photography message board at Two Peas in a Bucket (a scrapbooking website), they are hosting a Photo a Day challenge. They have posted a list of themes for each week for the coming year. I’m going to see how far I can go! This week their theme is “Introducing Yourself.” I am doing that today with a self portrait. This is how my family sees me a good deal of the time. Now you can see me like this, too. (My studio is reflected in the mirror.)

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