Still cooking…

Well…the divinity was a bust. I may try again next year, but there is just not enough time before bunco tomorrow night to try again. Oh well. I decided to do a red velvet cake instead. Wade just rolled his eyes. The cake part turned out just fine again, but the frosting is still giving me fits. ugh. (Grandmommie…I’m calling you again in the morning.) The cheese buttons and the bacon crackers came out just lovely, though. Tomorrow will be cucumber sandwiches, little smokies and baked gouda and I’ll be done! Yay! Party at my house tomorrow night!!

The two little boys had their preschool holiday parties today. Both classes got a visit from Santa. And both boys actually *talked* to Santa! Miracle! Of course I took pictures, but seeing as I am *really* trying to make it to bed before midnight tonight, I’ll have to show you tomorrow. (If you were wondering…bedtime was 11:56 last night. But of course I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight. ugh.)

I do have one other thing to share. I did my first digital scrapbook layout on Sunday. If you don’t know, digital scrapbooking is all the rage right now. There is NO paper involved. Everything is done in Photoshop on the computer. Pretty nifty. I’m still no good at it. (There are people who can make a digi layout look like a paper layout.) But I thought it wasn’t bad for a first try. This page was done for our journaling challenge. The topic was “Your favorite place in your home.” (Sorry for the cheesy topic. heehee)

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