Peanut butter balls coming out of my ears.

I made peanut butter balls today. I made so many that I decided to make teacher gifts out of them. Still have a little bit more to do to have the gifts all ready for tomorrow, so this will be another quick little post.

I also tried to make divinity today. Time will tell if it came out ok. It’s still a little putty-like right now. I’m not so sure that it will be on the buffet for bunco on Friday. I have two more recipes to make tomorrow. Can’t wait to give those a try!

In swim news…Benji jumped off the diving board ALL BY HIMSELF today!! Yay!

Now I must go and get some last minute things done. I really meant to be in bed by 10pm. Yeah. Not. But I’m determined to go to bed before it’s ‘tomorrow.’

2 thoughts on “Peanut butter balls coming out of my ears.

  1. Those peanut butter balls sound great, want to send me the recipe? 🙂 We have to make non-chocoate stuff for my dad because he says he doesn’t eat it, but he does.

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