Weekends may get a little scary around here.

So if I go missing, don’t worry! The holidays are creeping up and I still have so much to do! Tonight is another post and run because I’ve spent all night doing Jazzercise business and photography business and now I have no time left for me. It is 11:43 pm and I am worn out. I actually entertained the thought that I would come back here and do more business instead of working out tomorrow while the boys are in preschool. And then I realized that would make me even more stressed out. I’ve gotta go pump some iron to work out all the kinks from the weekend.

Today the boys had swim lessons and it reminded me that I promised swim pics. I took these last week and thought they came out pretty well for indoor pool pics.

Here is Tyler at the end of class taking his swan dive… He LOVES to jump in the pool!

Here is Benji doing his back float. Can you see the smile on his face?? Priceless!

This is my little bug, Avery, jumping off of the diving board. He always looks so little up there. He’s blurry because he was moving just too fast!

And I had to add this one…yes, that’s Avery. And yes, that is the diving board that he is swimming under, all by himself, without anyone around him. Yes, the pool is about 10 feet deep at that point. No…he doesn’t mind. Little fish…

3 thoughts on “Weekends may get a little scary around here.

  1. Wow! What a swim team in the making!

    It is great that the boys can enjoy
    lessons year round. When I was a kid,
    that only happened at an outdoor pool
    in the summer time.

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