Where did the weekend go?

Good grief. The last two days have been so busy. Let me do a brief recap for you. *grin*

Saturday. We woke up at 7. We should have been up at 6. Flu shot clinic at Kaiser started at 8. I think we got to the clinic around 9. The parking lot was set up like a cattle call for cars. We wove in and out of the cones and yellow tape until we got to the building. They directed us to park and go inside since we had little ones under the age of 6. We went in with three happy-go-lucky boys. I think that they had forgotten what shots were all about. Quite a few tears later, and armed with stickers, we were out of there. As a treat for the boys, we decided to go to Target to buy Halloween costumes. Benji stuck with his original idea of Superman. Tyler and Avery didn’t want to go home empty handed, so they both chose to be policemen, just to make their Poppy proud. The funny things is…they look more like the Village People than Denver’s finest. LOL!! I can’t wait to take pictures!!! heehee Ok…back to Saturday… After the shopping spree, we came back home for me to get ready for my wedding photo shoot. I left the house at 12:15. I got home at 9pm. About 2 hours of that was spent on the road getting to the location in Boulder. By the time I got home, I was ready to crawl in the bed and sleep forever. Wade and I tried to watch a movie, but I think I made it about 30 minutes and I was out on the couch. Wade woke me up at about midnight and I made it upstairs and was asleep the second my head hit the pillow.

Sunday. My fantastic husband let me sleep until 9am!! I can’t tell you the last time I did that!! Today was an “at home” day, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy! The boys spent the day playing in and out of the house. It was so cold outside, but the boys don’t seem to mind at all. Wade and I spent the day working on the photography business. Tomorrow I will be going downtown to get my state sales tax license and after that I can go to the city and get my city tax license. As soon as I have both of those, I am *officially* in business!! Really awesome and just a little scary all at the same time. Along with the photography business, I was doing a little Jazzercise business. (Which reminds me…there was *one* more Jazzercise thing that I needed to take care of…eeeks!) Oh, and of course, I had to get my scrapping done for our weekly journaling challenge. My mind has been going in about 1000 different directions today. I feel lucky that I made it here tonight. LOL!

I have to share my crafty things today. I made some cards today, just to have on hand. I was really running low. These are two different color variations of the cards I did…

And here is the layout that I did for our journaling challenge. We were supposed to journal about our passion…

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