Semi-real post. ;-)

I *almost* didn’t blog tonight. But then I thought of Amanda and her punishments and thought better of it. heehee.

I have to start with Avery. He’s so excited to be five. I’m still trying to get used to saying he’s five. We made brownies on Wednesday. Avery was the assigned stirrer. He loves so much to help me in the kitchen. He likes to be attached to my hip when I’m making anything in there. I wonder where he got that from….. LOL! No birthday *party* pics yet. The Butterfly Pavilion didn’t have any openings until the first week in November and he/we really wanted to have it there, so….November 5th. That’s his party date. Until then, you can take a look at this cute face…

Tonight was bunco night. (That’s why I almost skipped blogging…I’m exhausted!) My friend Robin was hosting and she is one of the most fun loving women I know! She decided to make it a Halloween bunco party. Most of us dressed up…some expended a little more effort than others. LOL. I wanted to share my costume with you all. I had WAY too much fun putting this look together!! (The costume pieces all came together…the hair and make-up was all me. bwahahaha!)

On that note…I’m going to bed. Tomorrow is my first wedding photo shoot. I am just hoping I get through it ok. eeeks!

4 thoughts on “Semi-real post. ;-)

  1. Heather,
    I concur with Robert> “OUTSTANDING!!!!”
    And how appropriate,”Wonder Woman” you are. With all that you do and you still have time to make brownies.
    You go girl, uh…. I mean Woman.
    Love always,

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