Working on 'the business.'

I feel like things are finally moving along. I went downtown today to get a state business license. Tomorrow I will go to the Northglenn city hall and file for my city license. Probably around mid-November I will have hard copies of both in my hands and I will be official!! Wade ordered my business cards today… Here’s a sneak peek!!!

I am planning on working on a couple of other versions…one with a family portrait and also one with an older child. Just to show a range and also be able to hand out cards that would have an appropriate feel for the customer. I don’t think a card with cute baby is quite right for a mom that only has teenagers, ya know what I mean? I also worked on my copyright watermark for pictures that I put on the web…

Oh yeah….and I finally told the ladies in my morning Jazzercise class that I will be leaving them. I hate that part. bleh. They took it rather well, but they are still sad. I know that it was the right decision for me, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

I’m running off to bed now. Tomorrow I am scrapping. Hopefully I’ll have something to show for it on tomorrow’s blog post. heehee

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