A day of leisure.

That’s what I had today. I *did* teach a class this morning, but other than that, nothing much to report. The boys played outside almost all day long. I took a nap on the couch. I stood out on the front lawn and talked with the neighbor. I did a little shopping and got some new lip gloss. Yep. Riveting, I know. Back to school tomorrow for the second week of school for Tyler. Avery and Benji start pre-school tomorrow. Avery has been counting down the days for a week! He was all sad at dinner tonight. The minute I asked him what tomorrow was, he got this little grin on his face. I just love it that he is so excited about it!! Next year is going to be amazing for him!!

Alright…I’m going to leave you with my second page for my journaling challenge. Did you go check out the website?? What did you think???

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