I'm back!!

And I am *much* better tonight. Today has been so productive, I almost don’t even know where to start!

I had an eye doctor appointment today. I got new contacts…same old prescription, though. He told me that I am a good candidate for LASIK if I ever wanted it. And I told him that’s what I asked Wade for my birthday when I turn 35. I would love to be free of all this glasses/contacts stuff. The *coolest* thing from the appointment was I got to see my retinas!!! (Man, am I a geek, or what?!?!) Instead of dialating your eyes, they use this machine to actually take a digital image of the back/inside of your eyeball. WAY cool! He said that my eyes looked very ‘young’. Wade just thinks he was flirting with me. Whatever… heehee.

The other cool thing… I got to *scrap* today!!! I was preparing for a really cool adventure that I am beginning tomorrow. I have teamed up with some really cool and talented scrappers…Tiffany Tillman, Lucrecer Braxton, and Stephanie Klauk…to provide a weekly jounaling challenge for scrapbookers!! We will have challenges that will inspire scrapbookers to write about things they might not have thought about and try new journaling techniques that are not the ‘norm’. Each week we will rotate hostesses, and each week will have a different sponsor that will provide a prize to one of our participants. I am just so excited to be the hostess for our first challenge that will be posted tomorrow morning!!! Check it out!! >>>Click here for the Journaler’s Juction blog!< << If you are a scrapbooker and would like to join us, come on over!!

So, for a sneak peek, here is one of my two pages for our first challenge!!

Oh!! And Wade took some pictures of me today. I got him all set up with the camera and then gave him all kinds of tips while he was shooting. He is so helpful! And he takes direction well. heehee! The picture on my page above was one of the shots. This is another one of my favorites…

Hope you all have a safe and happy Labor Day tomorrow! Don’t forget to check out the journaling challenge, too!

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