Back in the groove.

Avery and Benji started school today. It sounds great, until you know that they only go for 1 1/2 to 2 hours twice a week. But it gives me just what I need. About an hour and a half to myself. I use that time to go to the weight room and work out all of the craziness from the week. I missed this *so* much in the summer. I am glad that it is back.

Ok…back to the boys. Avery, as you probably expect, is in his element! He loves his class and wanted to tell me and show me everything that he did. SO darn cute! Benji…well…he didn’t want to come in from the playground. He had a little bit of a rough start. He has been in this class before, though. So the teachers know him and he knows them. They work with him so well. Miss Judy and Miss Beth are my heros.

Tyler had Back to School night at his school tonight. It’s pretty much what we called Open House when I was in school. We got to go and meet his teacher and hear what they will be up to this year. Tyler will be participating in the Adventures of Flat Stanley. He will make a little paper guy, “Stanley,” and he will travel the world and hopefully end up back in Tyler’s classroom at the end of the year. Sounds so cool!

Sorry about no eye candy tonight, you guys. Our big computer went a little wacky tonight and Wade is trying to fix it. So I’m on the laptop without any pictures or scrapbook pages. We’ll see what I can whip up tomorrow… Have a great night/day, everyone!

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