Almost the weekend.

Tyler has his last t-ball game tomorrow. And other than that, we have nothing big planned for the weekend. Of course that means that we’ll be doing yardwork all weekend. It’s really what we *should* be doing. The backyard is a mess with weeds. And my flower garden needs some weeding and trimming. We really need to replace some bushes in the front yard, but Wade is whining about having to dig the holes. I don’t know if I’ll be able to convince him to do it this weekend. He thinks that we can just wait until spring.

Whew….that was boring. I hope you’re not asleep on your keyboard. 😛 I think I’ll just get business done and go to bed before I bore myself to sleep! haha!

Ok…yes, it’s another picture of Benji. He happens to be the only willing subject these days. He’s cute. He smiles. And he was still outside in the pool when the sun went behind the clouds and the lighting got good. 😉 I love this picture!

My scrapbook page of the day comes courtesy of my fabulous friend Wendy.  Wendy and I spent almost every class together when we were in Chicago. And she actually put up with me!!! I have her circle journal. And it is *beautiful*. Her theme….. “I Wish”. Hope you like it, Wendy!!

3 thoughts on “Almost the weekend.

  1. great page for Wendy’s journal! Also, your kids are just the cutest! If you ever get tired of scrapping them, let me know that would be fun. :

    I did read this this morning but I was hurrying to get out to the house and you’ll see I was lucky!

  2. All of my boys are going to be lady killers, the smiles, the eyelashes, the dimples, the cute buns, etc. They definitely have it made. Give them all a kiss for me. Love ya’ll.

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