Wade had jury duty today.

And the man got picked for a jury!! And it didn’t end today. He has to go back tomorrow. Poor guy is wiped out and is sleeping on the chair as I type. And then what does he bring in from the mailbox??? You guessed it. MY jury summons. Last time they didn’t call my number, so I didn’t even have to go in. I wonder what my luck will be this time.

For my pictures yesterday and today, I’ve been fiddling around with my 50mm lens. Just to see what I can do with it. I couldn’t choose which *one* picture I wanted to post today, so you get two. The first is of Avery and Benji “playing” battleship. Tyler got it for his birthday and the boys cannot stop playing with it! Avery actually does know how to play. He’s a little slow…but he can do it. Tyler is a pro. Benji….not so much. But he loves pretending.

Here’s one I got of Benji just sitting at the kitchen table. I just love his little blue eyes!!!

And my scrapbook page of the day… I scrapped some pictures from our vacation to Estes Park with Grandma and Grandpa last month. These pics are from our horseback riding trip. SO much fun!

4 thoughts on “Wade had jury duty today.

  1. it’s not a late night post!

    you are rockin’ the chatterbox, love that LO!

    do they know enough about battleship to know how to cheat? i would always move my ships if someone hit it.

  2. These are great pictures. But I am actually jealous. I have NEVER been summoned for jury duty and I actually want to go!!! I know I am crazy but I really want to go. I know it won’t be as exciting as on T.V. but I want the experience. I am a sucker for a crime drama.

  3. I guess it runs in the family. I loved Battleship, too. I also loved horseback riding! And I was summoned twice and never got picked. ;>(
    Love you all.

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