Some pics from our Father's Day trip to the mountains.

And they were ALL MANUAL baby!!! I thought I would stretch my new found knowledge and try my hand at some manual settings on my camera. I think they came out ok. The boys weren’t terribly excited about getting their pictures taken, so their’s are not so great. Not to mention, it was blazing sun, and the shadows from their hats are atrocious. Ugh. What’s a mom to do??? So, without further ado….

All of these shots gave me the “correct” exposure meter on the camera. But I still don’t think they are “right.” I am totally up for some constructive criticism!! So if you’ve got an opinion…let me have it!! I can take it. I’ve got my big girl panties on today. heehee

3 thoughts on “Some pics from our Father's Day trip to the mountains.

  1. these look great. what you are probably missing is the contrast. took these middle of the day right? that is the worst time for pictures, but when you can’t avoid it just run them through photoshop.

  2. I don’t think the shots are atrocious at all. Great composition and angling. For bright sunny days and kids with hats try using your fill flash – no really! – to light up their faces a little and give some more depth.

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