Lesson 2–Aperture

Lesson 2 on Andie’s blog. I found a little bit prettier subject today. Aperture also controls how much light is let into the camera, but also has a little bit to do with depth of field. Most simply put, it’s how much of the background is blurred in your picture. So, as you can see in my pics, the exposure gets darker as the f-stop number goes up. (You can read more about f-stops on Andie’s blog!) And if you can look closey at the backgrounds, you will see that they actually come more in focus as the number goes up as well. So…here is the homework:






So, which one looks “right” to you? Which one looks closest to the correct exposure? Not too much light, and not too little? (Just a little pop quiz… )

3 thoughts on “Lesson 2–Aperture

  1. I think the third one iso100, v250, f/8. But, probably not right, it’s the one I liked the best. The most visually pleasing for me. Well, I get to learn to be a photographer from you and a chef from your brother. Which is pretty cool, I think. Love you. Momma

  2. great job!!! you really seem to be understanding this!
    the “perfect” exposure would probably be a 3rd of a stop down from the 3rd one! the tird one is really close but some detal is lost in the shadows! this is great!!!

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