Catching up…as usual

Life is busy as usual. Swim lessons are going a little better. We had a rocky start with Tyler and Benji. They don’t like being cold. Avery has been having a BLAST since day one! He loves the whole experience and hasn’t complained about being cold while class is going on at all! On Monday, though, Tyler decided he wanted to be ok with the cold. He participated in class and did really well. And then he jumped off the diving board…three times! Avery jumped off the diving board, too! And he *loves* going down the slide. I’m just so tickled about it.

I’m still working on my photography lessons. I haven’t gotten to my third lesson on exposure, yet. I’ll work on that. I’m going to work on some color shots, too. But what I’m *really* excited about are my pics of the fireworks last night!! Best shots I’ve ever taken! Whooo! So, here there are!! (All pictures were shot using manual mode, on a tripod. ISO100, ss 4sec, f/10)
This is the first shot of the night:

Love the red!

This looks like a modern art piece.

Cool colors.

This looks like some kind of shaggy monster.

I hope all of you had a safe and wonderful 4th!

5 thoughts on “Catching up…as usual

  1. These are great! Most of the fireworks in Georgia, got rained out. Tell the boys I love them and Gary and I can’t wait to see them Friday! Give them a kiss from me. Love you.

    P.S. This came to my old e-mail address, I had to e-mail to myself at the new address. It wouldn’t let me open or go to the website @ the old address?!?!

  2. These are really beautiful. I wish we had been there. The clouds made it really hard to see the ones here. We could hear them but not see them. We were just trying to watch the ones in the Square from the house. We should have been able to see them but it didn’t work out. We watched Pirates tonight. I know you are jealous. Mom has a present for you so maybe you can see it too. I miss you.
    Your loving and much cooler younger sister,

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