A Photo a Day

I have decided to join a challenge on a message board that I frequent, the pub at Two Peas in a Bucket. The challenge is to take a photo a day. I’m not sure why I think that I need to take even more pictures than I already do, but I guess I thought it would give me a chance to practice with my camera and also the photo editing software that I have. So, for today’s photo, I took a picture of what will probably be the last of the flowers for the season. This rose is in my side garden and it is right at eye level for me when I park the van. I got out of the van this morning after taking Tyler to school and it was calling my name. I LOVE my roses. (I have 8 rose bushes in my side garden!) I’m not one of those that knows all the fancy names and such… I just love looking at them and smelling them. This weekend I will be winterizing my garden. That means that I will cut down all of the roses and mulch them over. Tuck them in for the winter. As much as I love winter, I hate to see my roses go. It makes me look forward to spring!

Ok…here are the pics. The first is just cropped. The second, I decreased the brightness and increased the contrast. The third, I increased both the brightness and contrast. Both interesting effects. All of this was done in Paint Shop Pro. (making a mental note: Must learn Adobe Photoshop… )

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