I hope he doesn't hate me…

…when he grows up.

To make things easy (and cheap) we decided that I would cut the boys’ hair at home. Usually I just buzz cut them all. Short all around and a little longer on the top. I decided recently that I wanted to do something a little different with Avery. You see, Avery is our only little boy with stick straight hair. Straight enough to do a bowl cut or a page boy. His hair has definitely been unruly lately, so I decided to cut it today. Now, bear in mind, I have had *NO* formal training in cutting hair. I’m doing this completely off the cuff. But I think it turned out ok… haircut1 haircut2

8 thoughts on “I hope he doesn't hate me…

  1. I think the cut looks Great!

    Is Avery happy with it?
    Does he even care?

    Maybe you have found a new vocation.
    Little boy unruly hair styling???

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Turned out GREAT, Heather! Nice job!

    We are going the cheap route lately, too, so I made DH cut Drew’s hair the other day…it was scary, but I think it turned out okay! He got more of a buzz though! My poor square-headed little boy!

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