Avery is FOUR!

It is amazing how fast time flies. Avery is four. He’s so excited about it, too! I made ladybug cupcakes to take to his preschool class on Tuesday. He LOVES ladybugs. We did everything we could to persuade him to have a more “boy-ish” party, but he insisted that he was having a ladybug birthday! So, I made ladybug invitations. Actually… “Avery-bug” invitations. I’ll be making a ladybug cake for his party on Saturday. We’ll be having his party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Might be a little hectic, but it saves me from trying to find ladybug decorations that aren’t all decked out with flowers and girly stuff…. Anyway…here are a couple of pics of our birthday boy!!
averybday1 averybday2

7 thoughts on “Avery is FOUR!


    I may be a little bias but these are great photos.
    You are definitely a good lookin’ young man.
    I guess it runs in the family.
    Love always,

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