a bit more information…

(if you haven’t read it…please read previous post first…this one will make much more sense. *wink*)

First I want to say thank you to all of you for your thoughts! It helps so much to get some outside perspective. *smile*

So…just to answer a few questions and provide a little more information…

re: carpet…there will be no more carpet downstairs. We are putting the wood floor from the back door to the front door. There will still be carpet going up the stairs and everywhere on the 2nd floor.

re: kitchen cabinets and stair railing…Both of these will be painted white. We would really like to do all of the painting before we put the floors in (so we don’t end up with paint spills on it) but if we can’t figure out the wall color soon, we’ll probably do the floors and “wait and see” on the paint.

Thanks again for the opinions!! Keep ’em coming!

7 thoughts on “a bit more information…

  1. I vote for the lighter of the two woods – the dark is gorgeous, but will show dust a lot more (and crumbs, and dog hair, and cat hairballs – wait, maybe that’s just my house!)

    And secondly i love the idea of blue/grey walls. with that red couch? yum!!

  2. Hi Heather,
    I will cast my vote for the lighter wood for all the same reasons everyone else did….wear & tear and all it shows….and I love the idea of the slate gray/blue with your sofa! Hope this helps!!

  3. Lighter color, it’s got more interesting tones to it than the dark one, plus from experience I can tell you the dark one will have to be cleaned more often… but since you are serious domestic goddess that shouldn’t be an issue. Paint first! Okay that’s my two cents.

    Definitely, PAINT FIRST! Check out “Van Gogh” BLUE or “Picasso” GRAY SKY. Or “Mocha Light”
    The two of you have done a great job with your home.
    It will come together and look great regardless of what you choose. Good luck!
    Love always,

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