Summer reading and some cards.

The boys are doing a couple of reading programs this summer. All three boys are registered for the Broomfield Library “Catch the Reading Bug” program. They all read 30 minutes (or more) each day and color in the appropriate number of bugs on their paper. They should all be done before the end of next week. Tyler and Avery are participating in the school’s summer reading program. If they read 100 books or 1000 pages over the summer, they get to pick out a free book from Scholastic. They are both such awesome readers, that they have both surpassed 1000 pages already! Tyler is on the last book of the Chronicals of Narnia. He has been reading the whole series this summer and really enjoying them. Avery has read so many different things, but mostly The Magic Treehouse series. Although, right now he is in the middle of a Nancy Drew mystery and loving it! Benji is learning to read! We have these little phonics books that teach him one sound/letter grouping at a time. They are awesome! He is past the short and long vowel sounds, and is now working on double vowel groupings and mixing words with long and short vowels in the same sentence. It’s tough for him to go back and forth between short and long vowels, but he’s getting better. I thought I would share a little video I took of him reading one of these little books… This book is “Mule Music”…

Onto the cards!! I got to spend a little scrappy time with my ducky friend on Friday and decided to make some cards. Five sheets of kraft paper and five and half hours later, I had 10 cards. I like some better than others, but I’ll share them all…

Let me know which ones are your favorites!

8 thoughts on “Summer reading and some cards.

  1. What a silly question….Benjamin is my favorite card! But I like all the others also. Are the boys doing the reading program at B&N? They get a free book there if they read the books.

  2. I remember taking ya’ll to the library and doing the summer reading programs. I remember my mother doing the same with me and Amy. I’m so glad they love to read! Love you all.

  3. That guy is too cute! As for the cards, no one will be suprised based on my bling and fashion obsessions that I pick ‘Just my Style’.

  4. Heather
    I love this little feature of the video clip!
    It’s almost the next best thing to being there and hearing Benji read.
    Please use it as much as possible.
    Love to all you guys.
    Love always,
    P.S. Have you determined the most recent song?

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