Busy? Who me?

Ha! Today we had swim lessons. I met my friends Emily and Little Ducky for lunch. We headed to the library for a theater performance and to check out books. Then off to Target for some shopping.

Tonight, I am hanging out with my favorite guy watching my favorite show on TV. Upstairs there is a layout that I am in the middle of. It’s a little something I’m working on for the store blog for my post tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I must write and post said entry for the blog. I have a hair appointment. We are spending the day at Water World because it’s supposed to be hot as h3!!. And then I have to teach at the end of the night.

So. That’s it for my blog tonight. I’m worn out from today and just thinking about everything I am doing tomorrow. I’m off for a little bowl of ice cream and a snuggle.

3 thoughts on “Busy? Who me?

  1. Heather,
    Goes to show, a man may work from dusk till dawn
    but a mother’s work is never done!

    Finish the song lyric:
    “All your life you had to stand in line, still you’re standing on your feet.”
    “All your choices made you change your mind, now your calendar’s complete.”
    “Don’t wait for answers, just take your chances.”
    “____ ___ __ ___”
    Hint: “Piano Man”
    Love always,

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