So you think you can't run a 5k?

You can. Seriously. I found this website… couch to 5k running plan …that lays out a program step-by-step, week-by-week to get you up off the couch and running a 5k in two months. When I decided that I wanted to start running again, I wanted to do it right and started researching a training program. This one eases you into it fairly slowly. And my body is thanking me for it. I am planning to run at least one and possibly two 5k races in October. The first is Denver’s Race for the Cure on October 5th. The second is Run the Rocks at Red Rocks…at altitude…just one week later. I will be ready. And so can you! Anybody want to run with me???

10 thoughts on “So you think you can't run a 5k?

  1. Go Heather! Sorry, but I don’t run. I would be happy to stand on the sidelines and snap some great pictures of you while sipping my Starbucks! Truthfully I am really proud of you for doing this.

  2. Well, that was weird. Suddenly I drink Starbucks. How odd to see one’s “own” comment that one did not write oneself.

    So, my comment:

    No, thanks! 😛

  3. Oy, my head hurts trying to figure out Houston and MK. I found that site once and even I thought it looked almost doable, thanks for the reminder. I wish you the best of luck, I will begin my cheering training and stand with Houston and MK. Good Luck.

  4. why YES, i think i can! i found this link some time ago but just wanted training partners to get on board. i’m going for it this year. after all, i can’t let the hubby have all the glory this year. hugs, rachel

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