Gold stars.

I apologize for being absent again. Nothing very exciting happening over the weekend. Although, we did make our first trip to Water World on Sunday. Of course the boys loved that!

We do have news today, though…. This little boy…

…graduated kindergarten today. (Can you tell we went to the park after the program??) At the end of the program, the teacher introduced them as first graders. Don’t ya know I was in need of a tissue…. *sniff* One and a half more days and I’ll officially have a fourth grader too….yikes!

Speaking of Tyler… Here is the little man playing his new favorite game…Like father, like son.

He’s getting pretty good. He got to the guitar battle with Slash today and won on his first try. That’s my boy!!! So…speaking of Guitar Hero (you like my segues?)…. Do you know what happens when you play a song and you hit every note correctly? You get 5 GOLD STARS! And it is SO cool!! Wade did it once in easy mode. Of course now he has passed easy *and* medium and is jamming on the hard mode, and is ‘over’ getting gold stars. LOL. But get this…yesterday, I got gold stars on easy on TWO songs! My Name is Jonas and The Metal. So much fun!! And then…I got obsessed. I *needed* to get gold stars on My Name is Jonas on medium. It took me until about 10pm last night, but… I DID IT!!!!!! Yeah, yeah….tell me how jealous you are…. *wink*

In closing… (heehee) I have to show you our weather from today. A little thunder, a little hail and these scary looking clouds. (Luckily nothing ever came out of it anywhere close to us.) Here is the view from my front porch…

and from the back porch…

Hope your weather was a little less scary looking than ours! g’night!

8 thoughts on “Gold stars.

  1. Cute kids, scary (but also beautiful) clouds, but who in the heck is Robert Harrell??? Do you have a fourth kid you’ve been hiding from me? 😛

  2. dood, I have photos of the same cloud formation. we all laid on the trampoline watching the clouds last night. did you see the lightning storm at about midnight?

  3. Heather,
    Awesome photos of the clouds! Very intense!
    Great photos of the guys and “Ya’ll rock!”
    Love always,

    I’ll send you photos of the “Grey Ghost” on his new VTX1300R soon!

  4. Oh no you di’unt! Only the fact that this is a “family” site prevents me from unleashing a firestorm of expletives. I ROCK “My Name is Jonas” on Medium, and I have played it roughly 4,534 times with one or two missed notes, but I do NOT have gold stars.

    I have a feeling I’m not sleeping tonight. Thanks A LOT, Hej.

  5. oh no another round of Guitar Hero war, poor MK the standards you set are so high.

    Those photos are fantastic, not that I expect any less from you:)

    I took a solo field trip to the Botanic gardens and thought of you today, luckily the rain came as I was hitting the mall.

  6. ME TOO!!! i was coming home from the pharmacy and found a person photographing the same clouds down the road from me. i got home, grabbed the camera and shot some too. it was so spooky i couldn’t tell if they were clouds or smoke from a fire – ack!!!

    cheers to the graduate!

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