So close…

Field day tomorrow….Avery’s last day on Monday…Tyler’s last day on Wednesday….can you smell the summertime?!?!?!?!

I did a little scrapping today between chores. I made this one for our current journaling challenge to scrap something that made me laugh. Wade just taught Benji the word “appetizer”. He is always begging for food “at the beginning” of dinner while we are cooking. So now, he uses the word all the time. He wants ‘appetizers’ before *every* meal! LOL!

Now I need to go finish watching the rest of the So You Think you Can Dance auditions!

7 thoughts on “So close…

  1. Great layout, isn’t it funny how kids are starving right as you are making dinner, C does the same thing only he realizes that I only make appetizers for guests or a special occasion. I should suprise him on a night when it’s just us! Thanks for the idea:)
    By the way your handwriting piece on the store blog was great too!

  2. Ha! My kids call it “something to wait.” And they TOTALLY come out of the woodwork while I’m cooking, unable to wait even two or three minutes. Sophie, especially, wails, “But I’m hungry RIGHT NOW! I can’t wait ANY minutes!”

  3. wade wade wade…

    :: shaking head ::

    hee hee @ “I can’t wait ANY minutes!” I love kidspeak.

    (p.s. safari for mac has spellcheck too)

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