I was given 2 extra hours today.

My jazzercise class was canceled today due to some new class that the rec center was promoting, so I had two extra hours to myself tonight. I asked Wade if he would mind if I went out to the scrapbook store and did a little work. He’s so good to me. I finally finished the mini-album that I’ve been working on for a week. I’m going to submit it, so I can’t show you the details…but I can’t resist showing the cover. *wink* If it doesn’t get picked up, I’ll put up the rest asap.

I’m out…gotta get up early and do some writing!

5 thoughts on “I was given 2 extra hours today.

  1. thanks for inviting me yesterday. I ended up watching ratatouille with dylan. I feel more sad this morning than last night. whoever owned that kitty just spent a night without it.


    today I’m spring cleaning. when tom moved the speakers about 2 months ago, suddenly the surround sound stopped working and he proclaimed our new expensive amplifier dead. well, I got back there and rewired the back of the amplifier just now. lo and behold, it’s working again! I’m not going to say anything, see if he notices.

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