Why, oh why, did we get a Wii?

Or, as I am coming to think of it…a great big black hole sucking up all of my free time. Luckily, we limit the boys to 30 minutes each, each day. I think I need to do that for myself as well. eeeks.

I did manage to get some quality time up in my studio. My sweet friends Emily and Vivian are after me to submit more of my work to the scrap magazines. So, I got a few things done that I am going to send in. I did also make a card with the paper that I used to make the last page I posted.

and now, I am going to try to get to bed before 11. It’s back to school tomorrow!!

4 thoughts on “Why, oh why, did we get a Wii?

  1. thankfully, i am so Wii challenged – hee, hee! from what i’ve heard though, sounds like i might like guitar here? shhhhhh, we do NOT need to get/have this. NOPE, not doing it! glad you are getting time in the studio, the card is adorable! i’m about to make some of those when we move? hugs and have a fabulous week, rach

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