I made it 18 days.

Before falling off the wagon. Day 19 was derailed by a planned server outage. I was going to try to be home to blog before the outage started at 10pm, but I was having a great scrappy evening, and then I got to hang out with Mary Kay and I let the blog go by the wayside. Day 20 (today) was all about celebrating, and *everything* went by the wayside.  I’ll be back on the wagon tomorrow…

Eleven years ago today, Wade and I were doing this…


Tonight, we went out to dinner and did a (very) little bit of gambling up in Blackhawk. Here is a pic of us in the car on the way up the mountain taken with my anniversary present. (a Canon Powershot SD800 IS Digital Elph in pink of course)


When we came out of the casino, it was snowing. Yes, it is March 22nd. I snapped a pic of my cherry tree when we got home…


Time for bed.

8 thoughts on “I made it 18 days.

  1. glad you had a great one, happy anniversary and best wishes for a fantastic year filled with good health, lots of love and tons of fun! it was great to see you on friday, loved your layouts. don’t forget, top down in the bug on bright, sunny, no-wind days. HUGE hugs, rachel

  2. I’m glad ya’ll had a wonderful anniversary. I think your present, was the kind I heard was the best, back at Christmas…..I’m still waiting for mine. Love you all. Kiss the boys (all of them) for me. Love, Momma

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