We booked our cruise!

We are taking a four night cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West and Cozumel. We’ll be leaving on July 26th. Me. Wade. And the open sea. It’s going to be so nice! We’ll be staying in Georgia for a few days after we get back. Hopefully it won’t be as whirlwind as our last trip! Now we just have to get the airline tickets bought…

A quick picture for tonight. The boys’ friend Logan has some friends that own a bit of land west of town. They have a horse, some chickens, and some little baby chicks. They invited us over to take some pictures. I love this one of the boys with the chicks…

5 thoughts on “We booked our cruise!

  1. Now that’s a great picture!

    Maybe the trick is to place a baby chick in
    their hands and they’ll all smile in unison.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone July 26.

  2. Good timing! I am sure you will get to see your new nephew ________ _________ Yager while you are here! He should be here by then or close around that time.

    Still can’t tell you. Sorry!
    I love you.

  3. Hey stranger!!! I can’t believe you blogged and I didn’t know it. I’ve stumbled upon you and I am in disbelief at how much your precious boys have grown!! I hardly even recognize Benji or Avery. I miss all of you out there in Colorado so much. Keep in touch okay?

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