I didn’t post last night…but I have a really good reason.

I was at the Th’ink Tank Tattoo shop getting this…

I have to apologize for the bad picture. I’ve got to keep ointment on it for the next three days and it leaves it all shiny. But I just couldn’t wait three days to share! I LOVE it! It is exactly what I described to the artist, but different than what I was envisioning. I think he did an amazing job!! If you can’t tell exactly what it is… It’s a scroll-y heart made up of all of my boys’ names (including the biggest one). It is on my left side just under my ribs and above my hip bone. Not the most fun place to get a tattoo, but it wasn’t terrible. I will definitely take more pictures as it heals and looks a little better.

Do you think I’m crazy now?? *wink*

6 thoughts on “So…

  1. Heather!!!! I loooove it! Ya know I have 3 Tat’s the latest one I got about 3 weeks after Brody was born 😉 I really, really love it!!

  2. Ummmm…..I remember having to rub ice on your neck before to keep you from passing out. How in the world did you make it through that one without hitting the floor??????

  3. Wow! Great tattoo HH! I was actually just looking at mine this morning & thinking about how I’m fine with just the one. But this one is very cool! I love the design of it. I’m sure it must have been weird getting it right there. Did it tickle at all?

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